Merus ring effectively solves problems with the accumulation of limescale, rust, biofilm and other foreign substances



Water also brings with it various salts and other substances that are dissolved in it. We are most familiar with limescale, which can disturb us practically anywhere; in the household, in the event of mechanical failures, even technical failures in the installations themselves. The hardness, temperature and surface of the pipe through which it flows affect the intensity of limescale deposition, which reduces the flowability and efficiency of devices that use water for their operation.

  • Reduces the possibility of limescale build-up.

  • Easier cleaning, longer service life of devices.

  • An alternative to softening that does not change the taste of drinking water.



Rusty water, especially in older systems, is usually the result of the reaction of various water-soluble substances with the materials of mechanical installations (copper, iron, etc.). Rusting or oxidation of metals may initially be noticed by the color of the water, but over time it can also lead to cracks in rusty pipes and other installed elements, all the way to the interruption of water supply for urgent demanding repairs.

Avoid large investments in the replacement of water supply, heating, cooling or sewage pipelines with the help of Merus technology.

  • Stopping corrosive processes in flow systems.

  • Protection of metal; also copper and iron elements.

  • Prevents brown discoloration of water.


Biofilm, algae and bacteria

Biological solutions are most often a problem of industrial water. Just as microbiological integrity of water or water purity is very important for human health in drinking water, it is also important in industry to reduce the presence and development of microorganisms, especially in temperature control machines, as they are particularly exposed due to “more favorable living conditions”. Disposal of biofilm, algae and similar organic substances initially leads to a significant reduction in the efficiency of thermal control systems, and in the long run even to clogging. Merus ring has been proven to reduce operating and maintenance costs caused by biofilm failures.

  • Environmentally friendly solution that works without chemical additives.

  • Effectively reduces operating and maintenance costs.

  • It also prevents the consequences of the growth of marine organisms (shellfish, tendrils, etc.).


Crude oil and other hydrocarbons

Oil pipelines in refineries are also subject to damage caused by aggressive crude oil mixed with water. This can contain large amounts of paraffin oil, which is harmful in oil pipes, similar to limescale in plumbing, and other corrosive substances. Merus technology can extend maintenance intervals and reduce costs through its treatment of oil pipe fluid in refineries.

  • Reducing the aggressive impact of crude oil.

  • Removal of oil deposits without thermal or chemical treatment.

  • Slowed down or even completely stopped corrosion of oil pipeline elements.