Merus ring effect also when using seawater

Passenger and

cargo vessels

Merus ring works on all vessels, regardless of whether the water is cold or warm, fresh or seawater. It provides a “green” solution to prevent the effects of limescale, suitable for cruise ships, ferries, cargo ships, tankers “

  • Cleaner equipment.

  • Energy savings.

  • Support for desalination.

  • Improved drinking, machine and other water.

  • Greater satisfaction of guests and crew.

Oil rigs, windmills and other offshore facilities

Offshore technology facilities, such as oil and gas pumps and wind farms, use large amounts of seawater. This is needed to obtain drinking water, steam heaters and, above all, cooling processes. Seawater is rich in solute and limestone, where other water softening solutions do not linger. Merus ring has proven to be effective in:

  • Hydrophores and water supply devices.

  • General water system on the service vessel or platform.

  • Heaters and heating systems.

  • Seawater inlet and outlet pipes

  • Seawater pumps.