Increase the efficiency of cooling, heating and other flow systems with improved industrial, drinking or wastewater

Water improvement

in industry

Almost always industrial processes require cooling of devices or products, which is carried out through the flow of cold water. References to MERUS solutions cover everything from power plants, metallurgy or chemical activities, all the way to food industry. Whether you are taking care of cooling your industrial processes with the help of cooling towers or water from the environment, we are here for you. MERUS solutions for industry provide you with:

  • A complete review of needs and preparation of a plan tailored to your work processes.

  • Delivery and installation of all necessary and properly calibrated Merus rings you need.

  • Service contract for long-term counseling and care.

  • Warranty and regular inspections and calibrations at time intervals consistent with the built-in solution.

  • Long-term monitoring of efficiency and informing about all important innovations and trends in the development of Merus technology.

Plumbing supply systems

The operation of the water supply system significantly depends on what kind of water flows through it and what is the maintenance of the installed materials. To support you, we install the Merus solution exactly according to the needs of your water supply system.

  • Improving drinking water without added chemicals.

  • Reduction of the possibility of breakdowns and interruption of drinking water supply.

  • Long-term sustainable protection of pipes, pumps, shafts and other plumbing elements.

  • Better flow of wastewater drainage systems and fewer emergencies due to blockages.

  • Excellent performance even in coastal areas, even where the use of saline water is required.

Water treatment plants

Merus ring passed the test perfectly in high-load sewage treatment plants. With the help of Merus technology, wastewater treatment on farms and refineries has become easier, and pipe flow is much better. Save on the maintenance of your treatment plants.

  • Increases solubility and helps decompose substances in wastewater.

  • Increases the effectiveness of biological and chemical additives for water purification.

  • Prevents biofilm loading and bacterial growth where it is not desirable.

  • Sustainably protects all components of wastewater treatment plants through which wastewater flows.

  • Works on large, public treatment plants, as well as private and industrial ones.