Merus ring

Forget about the effects of limescale


Merus ring to prevent limescale build-up

Innovative technology prevents limescale build-up and consequences such as rust, biofilm formation or other accumulated organic matter. It improves water quality, reduces the possibility of damage and maintains the flow and energy efficiency of your machine installations. Merus ring in the long term, protects devices in your house, hotel, hospital, factory, farm, refinery and everywhere else where we use running water. It has been tested in flow systems with drinking, industrial, heating, waste and other water, as well as with sea and desalinated water used in maritime affairs.

Merus obroč preizkušeno deluje že več kot 20 let.

More than 20 years on the market

German development with many proven solutions in different applications worldwide.

Izkušnje, tradicija in stalen razvoj v koraku s časom.

Reliable and sustainable

Easy installation of a cost-effective long-term solution for sustainable water treatment.

Inovativna tehnologija Merus obroča je enostavna za vgradnjo, deluje trajnostno in brez kemičnih sredstev.
Mehčanje vode brez kemičnih sredstev.

No chemistry, more energy

Our technology does not treat water with chemical additives and does not reduce flowability.

Poskrbite za vse pretočne cevi z Merus obročem.

Protects the entire system

Ring effect reaches even the most remote areas of pipelines, as it is transmitted by running water.


What are the consequences of limescale with a Merus ring and what without it?

Our technology prevents the accumulation of limescale, improves water quality, maintains flow rate and protects the devices. One-time installation cost for long-term savings in cleaning, repairs or even the purchase of new pipelines, devices and machines that use running water. The images below show the actual performance tests and compare the results without (left) and with the use of a Merus ring (right).

Without MERUSWithout MERUS
Without MERUSWithout MERUS
Without MERUSWithout MERUS

Make sure to install a Merus ring, a sustainable alternative to softening water without the use of chemicals.

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Energy efficient water treatment

The history of a Merus ring dates back to 1996, when product developers set out to treat drinking and industrial water in a way that would reduce the consequences of limescale build-up. They wanted to achieve this without chemical additives and thus discovered the method of forced oscillation, which has a preventive or curative effect on the loading of harmful substances in pipes, machines and devices.

They have achieved their goal and developed a product that not only reduces limescale, corrosion and biofilm deposits on pipes and devices where water is used, but also does not change the quality of drinking water!

Today, Merus solutions allow water to be treated wherever it flows. Be it drinking, bathing, industrial, waste, irrigation, sea or fresh – you can improve any water by installing a Merus ring tailored to your needs.