Agriculture and fish farming

Merus ring for lower costs of water systems in agriculture, livestock and fish farms

Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems already in ancient Egypt meant an effective adaptation of agriculture to uneven exposure of crops to rainfall and lack of surface water for irrigation. Research and development of Merus technology has so far shown the following effects of using the Merus ring for water needs used in agriculture and plant breeding:

  • Water treatment to improve the fertility of saline soils.

  • Better growth of metastases due to improved water.

  • Better effect of fertilizers and pesticides due to higher water solubility.

  • Protection of the entire irrigation / watering system through which water flows.

Feed water

Feeders play an important role in the breeding of various animals in agriculture. Whether the animals move freely or are housed in stables, they need constant uninterrupted access to quality water. MERUS offers its solutions to several agricultural operators around the world. Practice has shown that quality feed water or wastewater treated with the Merus ring means cost savings because:

  • Animals that drink quality water show less need for excess food.

  • Animal supplements dissolve better in water, so one needs to add less for the same effect.

  • Wastewater discharged from animal farms is also easier to treat without the addition of chemicals to decompose animal faeces.

Water in fish farms

Fish are an important part of a healthy eating style that faces the problem of overfishing. The answer to this are fish farms, which provide a sufficient amount of fish for food and at the same time help maintain the diversity of fish in the sea, lakes and rivers. Our technology is in support of freshwater or seawater farms. The installation of a Merus ring on the water system in fish farms has yielded the following results:

  • Reduction of aphids, Latin “lepeophtheirus salmonis”, in closed farms of young salmon. Survival of young fish has doubled due to less infection.

  • Increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water means better living conditions for fish. For the healthy growth and development of fish, oxygen is added to the water, and Merus makes sure that its effect is greater.

  • All water circulation systems in fish farms are also exposed to a large amount of algae, the deposition (and consequent damage) of which Merus successfully prevents in both sea and fresh water.